Our Story我們的故事

Our Story

On June 15, 2010, when ten brothers and sisters met  at the home of Pastor Fred Hsu to discuss the church growth of the East Coast, God came quietly to us. We all cried and were deeply touched by God. We all agreed that the important thing is not to have conferences, to invite famous speakers, but to understand the heart of the Father, to learn to love one another, to seek the Lord’s face, to accomplish what God has entrusted us, and to satisfy God’s heart.

We named it “Kingdom Alive”, which means that the Kingdom of God come alive among us. The Chinese “Cheng Xing Club” means connecting the like- minded people to carry out God’s mandates so that  the Kingdom of God would come.



2010年6月15日,十位弟兄姊妹在許牧師的家商討東岸事工時,神悄悄地來到我們當中,我們都哭了,深被神的同在觸碰。我們不約而同地說: 要緊的不再是辦特會、請名講員,是體會父的心,學會相愛,ㄧ起尋求主面,做成神的托付,使神的心喜悅滿足。

我們定名為”Kingdom Alive“,,意思是盼神的國活潑地呈現在我們當中。中文”承興會”,意思是聯結同樣心志的,ㄧ起去傳承神所托付,使神的國得復興。