Past Events 歷年活動

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Our Activities includes:

  • Global Homecoming Gathering
  • East Coast Cross-Church Family Gathering
  • Weekly East Coast leaders/intercessors share online transportation
  • “Father’s Living Room” online gatherings from 9-11pm Monday-Friday
  • Support for Native Reservation activities
  • Build family relationships with Native people
  • Pray for Native people online


  • 全球回家聚集
  • 東岸跨教會家人聚會
  • 每週東岸領袖/代禱者在線上交通分享
  • 每週一至週五晚上9點到11點的"天父的客廳"線上聚集
  • 支援原住民保留區活動
  • 與原住民建立束代家人關係
  • 線上為原住民禱誥

Past Events 歷年活動

Date日期 Event 活動 Location
08/2021 South Dakota trip South Dakota
7/29-8/3/2021 Mississippi trip Mississippi
06/2021 Cahokia trip, David Peng
5/28/2021 Joe’s family (Daniel, Annie, Vincent) came to NJ for vacation. Lockley, Jennifer NJ
4/1/2021 Gathering at Hsu and Peng’s homes. Corded, Elisha, David Blaine, Lockley, Ken and Judy  NJ
12/19/2020 Gathering at David Peng’s home, Joe, Raymond, Lockley, Kathleen, David Bearshield, Verly NJ
08/2020 Began to meet on Zoom every Monday till now Zoom
06/2020 Began to pray every week with Darleen for the COVID situation in Mississippi. (Eight of us even bought train tickets and planned to visit them but later cancelled.)
Gathering in Maryland (Joe, Raymond, Joe Fox, Jennifer, Chastity, Monique, Lockley, Darleen, Eleanor, Ruby, Brian, Judy, Greg)
6/10-6/20/2019 South Dakota prayer trip South Dakota
12/6-12/8/2018 Egg Harbor Egg Harbor, NJ
9/14-9/15/2018 Homecoming Gathering東岸回家 IHOP East Gate, NJ
10/19-10/20/2017 All Tribe D.C.開始與原住民聯結 Washington DC, NJ
7/15/2017 East Coast Gathering (first time connect with First Nations)東岸聚集 Egg Harbor, NJ
5/20/2017 Homecoming Gathering 東岸聚集 Baltimore, NJ
2/18/2017 Homecoming Gathering 東岸聚集 NYC, NY
10/1/2016 Homecoming Gathering 東岸聚集  Somerset, NJ
8/25/2016  Meeting with non-Chinese Leaders 與非華人領袖聚集 Philadelphia, NJ
 7/6/2016  Journey with  with non-Chinese 開始與非華人同行 Philadelphia, NJ
5/28/2016 East Coast Family Journey 東岸家人同行 Palisades Park, NJ
>9/21-22/2015  Connection with West Coast Family (continued) 又與西岸ㄧ起 CA
10/6-10/2014 Connection with West Coast Family  開始與西岸ㄧ起 LA & Fremont, CA
7/4-6/2014 TOD Gathering  美國,多倫多,蒙特婁三地TOD聚集 Watertown, NY
1/10-11/2014  Start 2nd round TOD Training  DC, NJ
5/29-30/2013  East Coast Gathering 東岸聚集 NYC, NY
2/10-12/2013  East Coast Family Journey東岸家人同行  NJ
5/25-28/2012  East Coast Family Journey東岸家人同行 Allentown, PA
2/26-28/2012  East Coast Family Journey 東岸家人同行  NJ
6/2/2011  the Beginning of weekly prayer meeting 開始在線上禱告  All States
5/27-30/2011  East Coast Family Journey 東岸家人同行   NYC, NJ
2/13-15/2011 Retreat for Pastors and Coworkers 牧者同工退修會  NJ
11/28-29/2010 Retreat for Pastors and Coworkers 牧者同工退修會  NJ

Walk with  Native People over the years:  

Several small gatherings, including:

  • Egg Harbor, New Jersey, USA, July 2017: Family from Mainland China visited us and told us that God had moved them to come to America to bless the Native people.  At that time we met the only Native leader, Mary Faus and her husband, through Pastor Peter.
  • In 2017, two Chinese delegates joined Pastor Peter on a Native American reservation trip to Oklahoma, Montana, South Dakota, and other places where Native Americans live in the West,
  • In February 2018, Joe Donnell was invited to Malaysia, Taiwan and Jeju Island, South Korea for the Homecoming Gathering, etc.
  • In December 2018, we gathered again in Egg Harbor with more than 40 indigenous representatives.
  • In March 2019, five people, including Donnell, Jennifer Gomez, and Brian LaBounty, were invited to Taiwan and Japan to participate in the Homecoming and Connect with Native Peoples. They traveled to the Native mountain areas of Taiwan and met the local Natives as if they were meeting with relatives they did not know.
  • In June 2019, more than 20 people from East Coast and West Cost families went to nine Native  reservations in South Dakota to worship and pray.
  • In February 2020, East Coast Chinese and dozens of Native leaders gathered together in Washington DC.



  • 2017年7 月美國紐澤西州蛋港(Egg Harbor)聚會: 當時國內家人來訪,告知神感動他們來美國祝福原住民。當時我們透過彼得牧師認識惟一的原住民領袖瑪麗·福斯(Mary Faus)夫婦。
  • 2017年兩位華人代表與參加彼得牧師主辦的原住民保留區之旅,前往西部原住民所居住的奧克拉荷馬州(Oklahoma, 後來才知道這個字就是紅人的意思), 蒙大拿州(Montana),南達科他州( South Dakota)等等,
  • 2018年2月,邀請喬丹諾(Joe Donnell)前去台灣馬來西亞及南韓濟州島參加回家聚集等等。
  • 2018年12月,再次在蛋港聚集,共有40多位原住民代表來參加。
  • 2019年3月,邀請喬丹諾、珍妮芙·戈麥(Jennifer Gomez)、布萊恩·拉邦提等五人到台灣及日本等地參加回家及與原住民連結。他們到台灣原住民山區裡,與當地原住民一見如故, 好像回到不認識的親人當中。
  • 2019年6月,美東華人與美西家人等20餘人到南達科他州蘇族9個原住民保留區敬拜禱告。
  • 2020年2月,美東華人與數十位原住民領袖在華盛頓DC一起聚集。