Kingdom Alive 24 Hour Prayer Watch 承興會24小時國度守望禱告

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English  Kingdom Alive Monthly 24 Hour Prayer Watch
中文 承興會24小時國度守望禱告


Kingdom Alive Monthly24 Hour Prayer Watch

This is an on-line monthly 24 hour prayer watch for family, church, nations and God’s kingdom.  It was established in the year of 2006 when Pastor Mayjiang Kuo from Taiwan came to start house of prayers in the East Coast.   It takes place on the second Saturdays each month.  The prayer watch starts at 5am on Saturday and ends at 5 am on Sunday each time.  There are a total of 24 time sessions, each of which is one hour, and is watched by intercessors from various churches and prayer groups.

More prayer groups are welcome to join . Please contact us for details.

Here’s how to join:

  • via regular phone line:  1-510-338-9438 , Meeting id: 629 785 251#, Attendee: #
  • via internet:  1) install WebEx app, join by number:  629 785 251

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  • 通過普通電話:1-510-338-9438,會議編號:629 785 251#,與會者:#
  • 通過互聯網:1)安裝WebEx應用程序,按號碼加入:629 785 251