East Coast Homecoming Gathering東岸回家聚集

East Coast Homecoming Gathering 東岸回家聚集

  • Date日期: 12/7-12/8
  • Location地點:  Praise Tabernacle  2235 Ocean Heights Ave., Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
  • Sessions聚會時段12/7 : 9-12pm, 2-5pm, 6-9pm; 12/8: 9-12pm, 2-5pm
  • Registration 註冊: praisetabernacle.com/events.html

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Praise Report On Egg Harbor Homecoming Gathering


12/6-8/18 “Egg Harbor Homecoming” there was a total of more than 400 people registered, and about 40 First Nation family came from all over the country, some flew, some drove. Praise Tabernacle Church, Egg Harbour was fully engaged in registration, meals preparation, and other neighboring churches also coordinated to pick up air flights, arrange accommodation, and lead worship. None of us know how to do this, we could only let God do it. As a result, God truly had done a great job among us. We are full of cheers and joys:

  • One of the First Nation sisters said with tears streaming down her face, that she has waited for this day for several decades.
  • Another man told me that most of the time when the First Nation people were invited to meetings to honor them, were done superficially, but this time, “Homecoming” is very different. Although they didn’t have enough fair to come, but he came anyway, and it is totally worth it, he has no regrets.
  •  The cost to help for the First Nations to come before the meeting has already exceed $10,000. The First Nation has very limited resources. There were four sisters of the Choctaw prayer team. Although their combined offering was only $ 75. But that really touched my heart.
  • An elderly white missionary who has served in the First Nation’s tribe for more than 20 years said that he himself was greatly transformed this time. Many First Nations and non-indigenous people all said, they have never seen a meeting like this
  • The repentance and asking for forgiveness of the tribal conflicts displayed before us on the stage moved us greatly. Young people also expressed their heart and voices because of a sense of safety, and one sang a song asking the Holy Spirit to come, was a very moving song.
  • At the last session, a great event happened, an older white woman publicly apologized to the Frist nation. She is a descendant of President William Henry Harrison.  Harrison was a well-known general, who killed a first nation leader and prophet Tecumseh, who was connecting all the First Nation groups at the time. There was a prophesy that when the descendants of Harrison appear and publicly apologize to the First Nation, is the time the First Nation peoples can united, and the hidden prophets will come out of hiding. The lady said God moved her to come and to apologize.

There is still so much to share… Thanks to many people for their participation, as well as the prayer support behind the scene, as well as the monetary offering , the Lord know and He will bless many.

(by Pastor Fred Hsu)

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East Coast Homecoming Gathering at Egg Harbor, New Jersey

Right time, right place and right people


This East Coast Egg Harbor Gathering (12/7-8) in NJ is happening at the right time, right place and with the right people specially arranged by God.

1. Right time: 
This Gathering falls on Hanukkah, the Jewish feast (12/2-9), this year. We didn’t realize that at the beginning until much later. Hanukkah celebrates God’s intervention, supernatural provision and the turning of defeat into victory.

2. Right place: 
The meeting place will be in Egg Harbor, NJ. Right after the Montreal Gathering 6/29-7/4,2017, God asked us to host an East Coast Gathering in Egg Harbor, NJ. We said, Montreal was like the womb, the Gathering In Egg Harbor on 7/15 would be like the “Egg” that was birthed, it was also like a “Harbor” where the boat was set to sail.

When we chose this place to gather, we were not aware of (1) The wonderful revival God had done in this place. In fact nearby Vineland is the original place of the holiness revival 150 years ago (1867) which  later moved westward and eventually ignited the famous Asuza revival of the west coast. (2) That this is the place where William Penn, the first governor of Pennsylvania, had signed a treaty with the First Nation people in America. (3) God used a group of Chinese from China who couldn’t make it to Montreal and ended up coming to the United States to open the first page for the Chinese on the East Coast to care about the First Nation of USA. (4) In addition, next year, 2019, will be the 400th year of African slavery in this land. In 1860 along the underground railroad routs from NY to Delaware, Egg Harbor happened to be one of the areas where these escaping slavery had a direct path to go into Pennsylvania, in which slavery had been outlawed.

Many prophets prophesied that 2019 (Jewish calendar 5779) will be the year of the greatest harvest of souls. The Hebrew letter nine [ ט] looks like the sky is bursting open, like the window of heaven is open and the water is coming down. Like the breaking of water, new life is about to be birthed! The egg is coming out, and revival is about to set sail from the East Coast!
3. Right people: 

What is so touching for us is that many First Nation people have already said that they wish to attend this Gathering. The revival in America must start with the First    Nation, otherwise the curses of the land cannot be removed. The family on the East Coast is facing a huge challenge, but we believe that in this Hanukkah season God has a plan. As long as the family walk in faith and obedience, and participate, we believe God will bring about a great breakthrough just like He did in the West Coast and IHOPKC which were beyond what we could imagine.

Thinking back to April of this year, when a few Chinese families in North America went to Papa Gideon Chiu’s home in Vancouver in spite of the winter storm, we came together to discern what God has for North America. By God’s grace we responded believing God will use us to have a part in changing this beautiful land of America. We decided, like in the chamber of prophet Elisha, to strike the ground with the arrows many times. It is also like having three fingers, the west, the south and the east, to hold this land of America. We had the gatherings in the West and in the middle  and now what we need is the East. Do pray about it, ask if God wants you to participate to accomplish the vision we received in the beginning of the year. We need God, we also need the family!

God is on the move, it is the right time, right place and we have the right people. May the Lord personally touch your heart and speak to you. We are looking forward to seeing you there !

To register:

PS, because we have quite a number of First Nation coming from all over USA, they desperately need our financial support, it is not a small amount, if God led you to help, please send the check address to Kingdom Alive, and send to 12 Lilac Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873. Thank you


Fred Hsu and the team, 10/20/2018







這次聚會的地點稱為Egg Harbor, 其實2017年在Montreal舉行的One合一回家聚集之後,神就要美国東岸華人有聚集。Montreal 如同子宮,多倫多如同產道,那年7月15號在Egg Harbor所舉行的聚會,就好像是生出來的蛋(Egg),也好像是航行出去的船(Harbor)。

我們憑信心選擇這個地方的時候 根本不知道 (1) 神曾經在這個地方做了非常奇妙的復興。我們壓根不知道Egg Harbor這個地區不遠处Vineland, 竟然是150年前(1867)東岸聖潔聚會的起源地。之後復興輾轉向西傳,结果成為100年前(1906)五旬節運動,阿蘇撒街大復興的火種。 (2) 那时我们也不清楚這個地區是賓州第一任州長William Penn 和美國原住民接觸並簽約地方。(3) 我們更不能想像,因為無法前往加拿大,卻能來美國的中國家人,竟然在這個聚會中,翻開了美東華人關心美國原住民的首頁。(4) 此外,明年2019年,將是美國將奴隸從非洲帶來的400週年,1860年Egg Harbor地區,正是當時黑奴從紐約到Delaware的秘密鐵路通道逃亡出來的藏身之地,然後再逃往宾州,因那时宾州的奴隶制度已经废除。






又及,因為有好幾位原住民要從各地前來,他們極需要我們在財務上幫助,這筆數字不小,若有感動,請寫支票給: Kingdom Alive,地址寄: 12 Lilac Lane,Somerset,NJ 08873。謝謝!